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My first website, simon816.webs.com was set up late 2009. Some of the early content included a guestbook, re-uploads of .swf games (games websites were blocked at school), re-uploads of MP3's that I got from WAP sites (who remembers those?), website search, downloadable toolbar, background select, contact form.
There was also lots of random scripts and experiments from when I was learning HTML and JavaScript.
Some of my experiments included: An HTML editor, a popup that spawned more popups, an IP location tracker, A login form to a members area, a clone of Google x4.
Oh, and the font was (unironically) luminous green Comic Sans.

Then, I started to learn PHP, and redesigned the website (around 2012). I created a "Panel API" which was a simple PHP class that generated divs with various properties. I included some of the old content that I made, but recreated some things such as a proper login/registration system with MySQL (and even used SHA512 with salt!). I also created a PHP proxy, to get around restrictions at school.

The site got more and more stuff; I was also using it to share files with people. Many more technical things were added, such as an admin interface for me to read log files and manage user profiles. It also became home to the Comcraft Mod Loader pages.

The refactor started late 2015, where I re-designed the site from scratch, and cut out many old experiments to focus on what was actually worthwhile. I focused mostly on projects that I've done/been a part of. I was supposed to continue working on it until I was happy with the result but it was just left alone.

Now, as I write this in late 2017, I am doing this the right way now. My focus remains on the things that I have done, but this time I will finish the job. My domain, simon816.com, will be the home for everything that I create, past/present/future.