NOTICE: Comcraft Mod Loader is no longer being developed.

However if you discover a critical bug please report it to the Issue Tracker

Comcraft Mod Loader enables mods to be loaded into the game. Mods are downloaded as .mod files and placed into the comcraft/mods directory on your phone.
Multiple mods can be installed at once and you don't need to re-install the game at any time (except for mod loader updates).

Mods are developed using a special IDE, you can grab a copy from the downloads page.
Please see the wiki (link above) for information on developing mods.

You can read the blog post on the Comcraft blog Here


In later versions of comcraft (from 0.5 onwards), old low-end devices will struggle to run the game as multiplayer becomes available. Even if you do not intend on playing multiplayer, there will be notable performance drops mainly from RAM purely because a whole chunk of code is loaded even if not used. If many people have problems with this I will try to make two streams - one with multiplayer and one without.